Watch: Tired of burning things downtown, neckbeards invade Portland suburbs
· Oct 27, 2020 ·

There's nothing like destroying property and fighting fascism by forcing others to chant your slogans and believe exactly what you tell them to believe. Such is the life of a social justice warrior.

Even brave neckbeards need a change of scenery, however. Whether you're tired of staring at your cubicle wall or the flaming police station you've lit on fire for the 120th day in a row, sometimes a little vacay is the chicken soup your soul needs to remain at the top of your game. Staying sharp and motivated is especially important when you're busy tearing down the establishment. You'll never know when a misplaced molotov cocktail will light a fellow comrade on fire.

Such was the case with the stunning Portland protesters, who decided to visit the suburbs this weekend with their mostly peaceful displays of tolerance.

[Warning: Language]

Once on the streets of Lake Oswego – one of the most affluent areas around Portland – protesters enjoyed the sunny day in the idyllic town by harassing local citizens and forcing them to show support for their cause.

In the first video, the woke mob informs local citizens that their town's nickname is "Lake No Negro" and then inform the locals of their white privilege when they have the gall to suggest the protesters are racist.

In the second video, the protesters harass several people outside a restaurant, yelling at them with a bullhorn.

"Excuse me, sir? Are you anti-racists? Can I get a black lives matter?" asks one of the protesters to a passerby. She then turned to another person, asking "How 'bout you?! Do black lives matter?"

Sensing #Whiteness in their midst, these heroic comrades then surround a clearly evil woman sitting alone at a table. The woman seemed scared for some reason as they mocked her and asked where her kids go to school. She filmed the protesters as if she needed legal proof should their protesting ramp up to the next level of peace.

A few counter-protesters showed up and were subsequently told to get lost. The heroic neckbeards seemed particularly upset with this MAGA-hat, sandals-with-crocs-wearing patriot whose fashion-forwardness probably blew their Leftist minds. This evil white man, with his evil star-spangled banner, had the audacity to believe things unapproved by the collective. How dare he say he cares about black lives while holding a Trump flag!!

Great job, social justice warriors!

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