Watch: Woman who "transitioned to man" sobs after realizing how lonely and difficult it is to be a dude ... "Nobody told me"
· Jun 13, 2023 ·

This video is incredibly tragic and sad.

A woman who bought into the feminist lie that men have it made at the top of their "Patriarchy" and that their lives are filled with all sorts of privileges. Then, after irreversible hormones and surgeries, getting to the point where she looked like a man, she discovered that being "trans" and being a "man" isn't all the rainbows and lollipops she thought it would be.

Nobody told me how lonely being a man is. I had closer friendships with women I met in the bathroom before I transitioned at clubs because of how open women are, than I have in 8 years of transitioning because women are so much more vulnerable and deep than men.

While she may be right that being a man can be lonely and that it's difficult to make friends, the reality is that most men are constitutionally able to handle being alone much better than women. We are built that way.

This woman did not know the different psychological reality of being a man because she's always been a woman.

It's always the physical reality that we talk about when it comes to the trans issue, but as this woman makes clear, even if the physical aspect wasn't a hurdle the emotional and psychological hurdle is just too much for women to handle.

And there's no way to know until you've lived in a man's world.

We [women who have"transitioned" to men] knew what depth felt like before we wanted to transition. We knew what it felt like to have people want to hug us. And have people want to talk to us and have a community. Then you transition and you're just a guy walking down the street that people cross the street so that they're not near you.

Okay, I'm not a girl and never have been, but I guess people treat men a lot differently than women. These are things I've lived my entire life without noticing, and that's because I'm a dude and I'm built for it.

Men and women are different, not just on a physical level, but right down to the soul.

This whole situation reminds me of this legendary clip from Jordan Peterson:

You don't hear any of that from the Rainbow Mafia, do ya??

There's nothing funny about what the trans movement has done to this young woman.

And it's happening to more and more young girls in this country.

It is not an exaggeration to say that this sort of thing, if allowed to run rampant, could end in societal collapse.

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