We now apparently have some new terms for overweight people...

May 9th

Brace yourselves.

Does that say "large-sized people" in the headline?

Yes, yes it does.

For more than a year, the coronavirus pandemic has accentuated yawning inequities in American life, disparities in race and ethnicity, poverty and privilege. Black and Latino communities have been among the hardest hit, with death rates alarmingly higher than among white people.

The virus has underscored yet another serious inequity. Studies link higher body mass index, or BMI, with increased risk for severe COVID-19, including higher rates of hospitalization.

We haven't even gotten to the ridiculous new descriptors for fat folks but I've gotta stop you here for one moment.

Yes, being unhealthily overweight is now an "equity" issue. You just read that. Wanted to make sure you didn't miss it.

Remember -- we're supposed to always "listen to science" unless science says it's unhealthy to be fat and then science is fatphobic.

Got it? Good. Onward:

At the same time, the pandemic has highlighted a clash between the medical establishment and the fat acceptance movement, between those who use clinical terms such as "obesity" and "overweight" and those who proudly describe themselves as "large-bodied," "people of size," "fat," and even "super fat."

"Excuse me, doctor? Did you just call me obese? I identify a person of size, thank you very much."

Imagine calling yourself a "person of size" or "large-bodied" loool 💀

And then of course, the LA Times, being the liberal dumpster fire that it is, goes ahead to use "people of size" unironically later in the article.

Osborn took the helm in January, as she was recovering from COVID-19. She and the NAAFA board are focused on "creating a more inclusive fat community." They also are addressing the impact of COVID-19 on people of size.


I want off.

I'm done with this timeline.

Get a me a new one pls.

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