We have a new worst tweet of all time, ladies and gents. This journalist wants to differentiate between beheaded babies and babies "found headless."
· Oct 23, 2023 · NottheBee.com

I know they're not called "tweets" anymore, but this one still takes the cake:

I really can't make it up. Clown world is outta control.

Eric Levitz is a writer for New York Magazine's Intelligencer. He's talking the beheaded babies (sorry, babies found headless) in Israel after Hamas terrorists rolled through gated suburbs.

Watching the media bend over backward to avoid walking back their "journalism" is beyond the pale.

Eric is trying to paint shades of nuance between "the terrorists killed babies but they just so happened to lose their heads during various methods of murder" and "the terrorists purposely beheaded the babies."

"Maybe they burned the kids alive and the charred skulls just rolled off their bodies! We really need to consider the etymology of the verbs we use!"

"Some people disagree."

Fact: There is no nuance when it comes to baby murder. A murdered baby is a murdered baby. Anyone who thinks differently can tie a boulder around their neck and hurl themselves into the depths of the Mariana Trench. You don't need to represent their voice, Eric, just like you don't need to post a Twitter thread defending people who think the sky is green!

Here's how Eric started that thread:

Should have just stopped with that, dude.

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