We need to talk about these brutal viral videos of black boys beating up white boys
· Sep 14, 2022 · NottheBee.com

America, these are the consequences of the racial narratives our public figures have been driving for years. Take a look at these two videos:

[Warning: Graphic, Violence]

We need to talk about this.

The narrative is this: White men need to be torn down in order to make their privilege, wealth, and opportunities accessible to everyone. Current discrimination against them will help overcome past discrimination white men had against other ethnic groups.

What you just watched fits with that narrative. That right there, folks, is what "intersectional Marxism" looks like when "doing the work" is carried out, whether or not those attackers framed it that way in their minds or not. This is why I get so testy when people (especially pastors) say not to care about politics and popular ideology so much, because it leads to kids getting their brains bashed in.

There's a good chance that race wasn't the primary motivator in these attacks. I don't know what started these "fights." Children can be cruel, especially in a nation like ours that has mercilessly savaged fatherhood in its attempts to smash the #Patriarchy. When you remove fathers, you get violent and unruly boys and girls who lash out in despicable ways that put "Lord of the Flies" to shame.

That being said, would you believe that skin color (there is no such thing as race) had nothing to do with the attacks if it were a bunch of white boys slamming a black boy's skull into the wall of the bathroom?

How might the media respond?

Would it be picked up for a few minutes of airtime, you think? Perhaps a solid week or two of wall-to-wall coverage and a train of celebrity opinions on the matter?

Do you think they would run thousands of pieces on the videos because they genuinely hate racism of all flavors in America and want to make their communities a better place for their kids, or do you think they would do so just to grow the power of their preferred political candidates in an attempt to use narrative to strong-arm their countrymen?

The fact that no one is covering this story outside outlets like ours is an indicator.

Some thoughts:

Someone needs to say it, so I will:

Black American communities have been destroyed by leftist ideology and their young men have devolved into the worst pit of savagery possible to man.

This is not racist. This is a factual observation.

Yes, communities of all skin tones, ethnicities, religions, and economic backgrounds are seeing a rise in violence among young people right now.

As I mentioned above, this is primarily a consequence of fatherlessness. As the fathers go, so too go the homes, and thus goes the nation.

But we need to recognize that there is a unique evil that has enslaved the black neighborhoods of America to something somehow worse than the evils of chattel slavery. In the past, the black community's unjust chains were temporal – now they are ensnared with their own vile talk and deeds that bind them into eternal damnation.

Statistics can be manipulated, but they do not lie. Black communities are burning down – literally - because of black-on-black crime, and the leftist misdiagnosis that this is due to white racism is making it worse.

My heart breaks at this reality. I hate it. I hate talking about it – not only because it is a sad reality, but because my name will be profaned for pointing out the brokenness.

The woke expect me to watch my black countrymen drown in a sea full of sharks while doing the "work" of hurling anyone overboard who wants to throw them a rope. They expect me to watch videos of young black men brutalizing others, running over people with cars – screaming, stabbing, spitting, harassing, raping, and stealing – and not say anything because I am an evil white man who should sit down and shut up.

I am tired of it. I am tired of seeing videos like this. I wasn't bullied half as bad as what's in these videos, but I still remember my own harassers. The spiritual scars run much deeper than the physical. These kids will carry them the rest of their lives.

We need men to step up. Real men. Actual men. The type of men who don't give a darn about what others say because they only care about what's right. The type who would risk their own necks to save the floundering young boys who are drowning in the whirlpool of lies our woke politicians, educators, and celebrities have created for them.

Are you one of them?

Stopping videos like these – and our nation – starts with you.

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