To survive a nuke, Biden would like to remind you that social distancing and masking are essential ☢️😷
· Feb 28, 2022 ·

Imagine it: Air raids sound as a hypersonic nuke arcs over the horizon toward you. Certain death for millions is inevitable.

But you're a few miles from the nearest city center, so you think you might survive the initial blast.

You quickly gather your family and head for the basement to grab your boogaloo gear and your go bag. It's game time. A moment later, a second sun lights up the horizon, vaporizing buildings, people, and forests for miles and miles.

As the dust settles, your house is silent.

The upstairs was completely blown away by the shockwave, but the basement is intact.

Unfortunately, like too many games of Oregon Trail... none of you survived.

It wasn't the heat, the blast, or the spreading cloud of radiation that killed you.

It was the ‘Rona.

Yes, this is a real updated FEMA guideline put out by the federal government. If you really needed further proof that we're an unserious country run by clowns, there ya go!

The bureaucrats are sticking with "Mask Up, Stay Safe!" as a viable response to nuclear war.

Here's a snapshot of your local Karen yelling at you to slap on a face mask as Armageddon approaches:

At least one day, when future archeologists study the still-radioactive dust that was once you, they can test for cloth mask fibers to see if you were a responsible citizen!

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