West Virginia just banned biological males from competing in female sports in middle school, high school, and college

Apr 30th

West Virginia's governor signed a bill Wednesday that bans transgender athletes from competing in female sports in middle and high schools and colleges.

The bill was among 38 signed by Republican Gov. Jim Justice. It had narrowly passed the state Senate, which had added the college component, before being overwhelmingly approved in the House of Delegates.

Justice said earlier this week that he would "proudly" sign the bill despite warnings from some lawmakers that the NCAA could retaliate and decide not to hold college tournaments in the state.

There. Have a little sanity to start your day.

Sprinkled with a little insanity in the form of the NCAA possibly refusing to hold college tournaments in WV because they have a rule that biological men are not allowed to compete in women's sports. Imagine trying to explain that to someone 20 or 30 years ago. What a time to be alive, I tell you.

Good job, Gov. Justice. Don't let the woke mob bully you into submission. This is the only reasonable position any thinking person can take on this issue.


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