Josh Duggar had a very bad night (again)

Apr 30th

In what appears to be a reoccurring theme, Josh Duggar has brought scandal to his family as he was arrested Thursday night in Washington County, Arkansas. Duggar, of "19 Kids and Counting" fame, was booked without incident (and without bail).

Currently, the details of this story are pretty limited and don't tell us much about what happened. His charges were not listed publicly, though it has been made clear that they are federal charges and that U.S. Marshals assisted in the arrest.

It's unclear whether this arrest is tied in any way to another controversial 2019 event, in which the Department of Homeland Security raided the car dealership where Josh Duggar worked.

At this point, it's also unclear if Josh Duggar has a functioning brain.

In 2019, Duggar, of "19 Kids and Counting" fame, was also caught up in a legal dispute, in which he was accused of real estate fraud.

And for those who don't know, he was also caught cheating on his wife during the Ashley Madison data leak, and has been accused of inappropriately touching young girls (some of which are his sisters). In both of those cases, arrests were never made, though public apologies indicate that he admitted guilt.

This mugshot, my friends, is the caricature of Christianity that non-believers so desperately love to paint. It's painful to see. And while everybody's innocence should be assumed until proven otherwise - and we don't even know what the charges are for - let's pray that nobody was seriously hurt or affected by Josh's actions.

Josh's wife, Anna, has just recently announced that the couple is expecting their 7th child. I know that she must be hurting right now, and could probably use some prayers of her own.


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