The Supervillains Running Western Australia Are Banning Unvaxxed Parents From Visiting Their Sick Kids In The Hospital To Pressure Them To Get The Jab
· Feb 1, 2022 ·

In today's episode of ridiculously cruel and heartless Covid-19 policies, we go back to Australia for an absurdly draconian rule that bans unvaxxed parents from seeing their children in the hospital.

West Australian parents who are unvaccinated will be banned from seeing their own sick children in the state's hospitals in the new, strict laws drawn up by Premiere McGowan.

The tough new rules will come in to play on January 31, only those with exemptions from the vaccine or on compassionate grounds, including end of life visits, will be allowed to step inside the hospitals which includes visiting their own kids.

The news anchors reporting this as if it's just another story is particularly ghoulish.

There is no compassion for the actual people affected by this evil policy.

The cruelty is the point.

More from the story:

So it becomes the ultimate test, doesn't it? If you're unvaccinated and you're going to what's deemed a "high-risk" area, i.e. a hospital or an aged care facility, the ability to go and see your loved one, if you're unvaccinated, may well be taken away from you.

And could that be the trigger to make you change your mind? And I guess that's the force at play here. It's a tough decision, isn't it? What would a parent do confronted by that? Would it make you change your philosophy? Maybe it would and maybe that's what the government are [sic] banking on.

Yep, there you have it.

This government in Australia is literally holding sick children hostage from their parents unless they get the jab.

This is just unspeakable, evil, tyrannical manipulation.

Susie O'Brien speaks next. She's a columnist and blogger according to her onscreen bio. A member of the media who happily applauds this inhumane government action.

I'm all for this! I mean, this is not about the rights of parents, this about the rights of sick kids and the rights of elderly to stay as safe as possible at a time when we know we are dealing with a very virulent strain of the disease.

And if you are unvaccinated without a good reason, without a valid exemption, then you're gonna find your movements curtailed. We went through this in Victoria months ago when even 12-year-olds couldn't attend their own primary school graduations until the rules were relaxed.

So I think this is what the government needs to do at this point to really shock and challenge people... to change their philosophy, change their actions to get vaccinated.

These members of the media are typical of the liberal elite you see in the West.

The science doesn't matter to them. They are living in a fantasy land where the vax stops transmission and is anywhere near as effective as it was 6 months ago.

If they cared about the science (or morality), they'd be evolving their policy with new data that's constantly emerging. They'd have seen months ago that the mortality data and emerging studies on vax risks do not warrant anything close to the suspension of everyone's inalienable rights.

But this is Australia, where inalienable rights aren't recognized by the supervillains running the government, so bring on holding the sick kids hostage!

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