What a time to be alive! College freshman tracks private planes of Russian oligarchs as invasion of Ukraine continues
ยท Mar 1, 2022 ยท NottheBee.com

Once upon a time, tracking a shadowy network of Russian powerbrokers required thousands of the top minds at the CIA, or at the very least, a 00 Agent with a penchant for vodka martinis.

Today, all you need is access to the internet:

A college student who became famous for tracking Elon Musk's private jet on Twitter has now started following Russian oligarchs after the nation invaded Ukraine.

University of Central Florida freshman Jack Sweeney set up a Twitter account called @RUOligarchJets to track the movements of aircraft owned by top Russian billionaires.

Yeah, Jack has set up an account with tracking and location info on 31 private jets that are reportedly owned by the oligarchs, allowing anyone in the entire world to know where they, their families, or their associates are traveling.

Here were the two most recent updates as of 10:30 EST on Tuesday:

Of course, the oligarchs could simply use their fortunes to get a fake ID and fly coach, but somehow, I don't think they're the type of people who like to blend in with the common rabble:

"The aircrafts these oligarchs have are absolutely crazy," Sweeney told Bloomberg News, noting some of the planes include the Airbus A319 and Boeing 737.

"Their planes are huge compared to other jets," he added.

Russian oligarchs gonna oligarch!

The security risk posed by such a public tracking account can't be overstated. Dogelord Elon Musk personally messaged Jack in January to ask him if he could stop tracking his private plane.

Jack tried to get a Tesla out of it. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Like I said, what a time to be alive!!


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