When you search Google Images for "white men" it gives you a bunch of photos of black dudes, females, and a few white guys ... But why?

Mar 9th

Okay, I suggest you go on over to Google Images and try this yourself just to make sure I'm not lying.

But this is actually real somehow: if you search Google Images for "white men" your results are as follows:

Yup, that's what Google chooses to show you, FOR SOME REASON, when you search for white men.

Here's what happens when you make the same search on Bing:

So that seems more like what I searched for. And that's kinda the whole point of using a search engine.

And you know what, I'm not mad about this in any way. I'm more confused than anything. Like, why is this a thing? A simple "why?" That's not anger asking. That's just pure curiosity. Google is supposed to be helpful, and this ain't helpful.

However, I bet somewhere on the Woke Left this is like the best possible way to defeat racism. And I'm not even gonna go there, because that's stupid.

For the record, here's what it looks like when you search Google Images for "black men":

Now that makes sense!


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