Whitmer's lockdowns failed so bad that the state is now experiencing a massive surge in Rona as free states enjoy liberty and declining case numbers

Apr 9th

I write this from my mountainside bunker in Her Majesty's realm of the Mitten State.

Her Highness, Empress Gretchen Whitmer, has had the state locked down and masked up for months. Businesses all around me have closed due to her insane strong-arming – first through orders declared unconstitutional, then by weaponizing the health department.

I know business owners who have been arrested for refusing to close down to comply with the coronasanity. I also know many Michiganders whose families lost relatives because Whitmer shuttled sick patients into nursing homes or forced people into crippling depression from total isolation.

Despite all that political pandering, Michigan is now having a surge in cases – the worst in America – while people in free states like Texas and Florida enjoy vacations, ball games, and packed restaurants.

For comparison, here's another Michigan chart of cases (from media outlet MLive):

And here's Texas a month after suspending mask mandates and other requirements (per the Texas Tribune):

And here's the total cases in the U.S. (from the CDC):

Here's a heatmap:

Want to tell me again how lockdowns work?

For the record, here's a chart showing deaths in Michigan. Note how those under 50 account for only 3% of all deaths.

I guess shutting down all the schools and workplaces instead of smart policies that protect the elderly really worked well, eh??

That won't stop the queen from trying to shut things down again:

Fortunately, school districts are pushing back, saying they are going to remain open (as they darn well should).

But lefties remain loyal, saying it's not their hard-brained sCiEnCe and the abuse of rights that's wrong, it's that Michiganders have a "compliance" problem:



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