Who wants to read 15 tweets about how the Left uses "climate change" as a rhetorical trap? You do! Hop on in here.
· Jul 24, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Auron MacIntyre has some thoughts to help us understand the rhetorical tricks the Left uses and why we so often fall for them.

We all know the climate agenda is a hoax to gain power, but being reactionary and anti-environment is far from the correct response.

I won't embed the rest of the tweets, but I took screenshots for ya:

The climate changes by definition. Some lefties, the RFK Jr. types, and maybe even the Al Gores of the world, care about the environment. But most are using this as a tool to consolidate power in a totalitarian fashion.

I mean, have you read the Green New Deal?

Auron goes on:

Why else would the Left be attaching EVERYTHING to "Climate Justice" or "Environmental Equity"?

It's all about one plan to consolidate power and do so as the "good guys" who care about the planet and the poor.

You may say that what Auron concludes is obvious. But so many on the Right, and so many of our politicians, cannot comprehend this conclusion. "If the Left is wrong," they logic-out, "then I must do the opposite, and if that means destroying the land to 'own the libs' then that's what I have to do."

And that isn't to say that you need to give up and acknowledge manmade climate change either. That's giving the Left too much ground. But conservation is a real conservative principle (it's from the same word for goodness' sake).

Caring for the environment need not be a left-wing platform. Just don't fall for the tricks.

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