Wisconsin's lefty governor didn't want a Christmas tree in the capitol this year, Republicans put one up anyways

Dec 8th

Wisconsin Democrat Governor Tony Evers—who refuses to call a Christmas tree a Christmas tree, and instead refers to it as a holiday tree—decided this year that his state capitol didn't even need to display a Christmas tree at all.


Well, Republican Representatives Paul Tittl and Shae Sortwell weren't having that, so they applied for a permit to place a tree in the capitol's rotunda, where it traditionally stands. They were denied.

After thinking it over, and realizing how ridiculous Tony Evers and the rest of the Madison Democrats are, they decided to just put it up anyway.

Thank you very much Representatives Tittl and Sortwell. Not only is Christmas being celebrated at the capitol, but I bet this also made the Madison Democrats really mad.

And though this tree does not stand up to trees of Madison Christmas past, the representatives said you can still send in an ornament and they'll put it up on the tree, which leads me to believe their mailbox will soon be full (mailing address at end of the video above).

I fear, however, that the tree will soon come down since there are so many whiny Democrats in Madison.

Here's the tree in 2018:


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