Media: "Look over here at this super scary Lambda variant!"

Aug 5th

The media REAALLY wants you to stay afraid:

That's right. Since the Delta variant and even its brother, Delta PLUS (not a new streaming service) have not proven scary enough to keep people from living life, Newsweek and others are going to be ratcheting up the fear dial with another variant drop!

Like the Delta variant, Lambda is highly infectious and thought to be more resistant to vaccines than the original version of the virus. Though much remains unknown about the strain, there have been some alarming characteristics detected by researchers.


The World Health Organization (WHO) says Lambda has the potential for increased transmissibility and may have increased resistance to neutralizing antibodies, both characteristics associated with the Delta variant.


So tell me, what does the data say about the efficacy of the vaccine against this new, uber-scary threat? After all, you just said it's "thought to be more resistant to vaccines" five seconds ago.

Even still, studies show vaccines protect against all the major coronavirus strains, including the Delta variant, and researchers believe this to be the case with Lambda.

Oh, okay.

How worried should people be about the Lambda variant? That depends on who you ask. Last month, the WHO classified Lambda as a global "variant of interest," which is considered a level just below a "variant of concern."

Wow. So you're saying that there's variants of the virus and they all have an insanely high survival rate, and that they are all adequately stopped by the vaccines?

Great article, guys. Really scared us with that one.

* * *

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