Witness an insanely reckless snowplow driver spray a geyser of slush into oncoming traffic, damaging 40 vehicles and sending a tractor-trailer careening off the road
· Jan 26, 2022 · NottheBee.com

We all know that when you're driving in bad weather it's common courtesy to slow down when approaching a puddle so you don't splash other cars or pedestrians. It's just polite driving.

One snowplow driver in Ohio last week apparently didn't get the memo and also he was apparently maybe bombing shots of Jaeger while doing his job:

Around 1:46 p.m., the Ohio State Highway Patrol received reports of the incident and responded to the eastbound lanes of the Ohio Turnpike between state Route 4 and state Route 250, according to Sgt. Ray Santiago. Troopers on scene discovered the snowplow had been traveling westbound in the inside lane and caused snow and ice debris to be thrown into the eastbound lanes, striking passing vehicles.

There were at least 40 vehicles involved and 12 known injuries, troopers said.

That sounds gnarly. Video footage of the incident is even more insane:

Experienced highway professionals like to call this particular scenario: "HOLY cow, that 18-wheeler just FLEW OFF THE ROAD." It's not good.

It wasn't just the tractor-trailer that went flying:

The plow company, meanwhile, is taking action:

[A] spokesperson with the Ohio Turnpike confirmed the employee driving the snowplow truck was placed on administrative leave and was sent for mandatory drug and alcohol testing

We'll be interested to see how that test turns out!

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