Witness the drama of a strange and bitter social justice fight over a white chef who cooks dumplings
· · Aug 17, 2021 · NottheBee.com

Do you like dumplings? Do you like to cook dumplings? Do you like cooking dumplings so much that you'd like to write a cookbook about it? Well, strap yourself in and prepare to re-evaluate that ambition.

It all began when cultural critic Roslyn Talusan posted a grumpy tweet about British chef Pippa Middlehurst, who is well-known for her cookbook "Dumplings and Noodles," which is about...well, you get the idea.

[Screenshot because she's set her tweets to private]

This is a wild guess, but maybe Middlehurst wrote a cookbook about Asian cuisine because she has been obsessed with Chinese cookery for her whole life and she attended a literal noodle school in Lanzhou.

Talusan was pretty heavily pilloried for her remarks; eventually, Middlehurst herself came in to (appropriately) defend herself.

Let's be honest, none of that makes a whole lot of sense, but you get the overall sense of what Middlehurst is trying to politely communicate: Stop bullying me and leave me alone.

Talusan responded within a few hours (and then deleted her tweet), then posted other tweets like this:

None of that really makes sense either, but oh well. In short order, numerous people rushed to criticize – not the woman who had slammed a chef for writing about food, mind you, but the chef herself:

By Tuesday afternoon, it seemed as if Middlehurst had mostly checked out of the whole thing, which was the right move.

As it stands, it's not clear if white people are simply forbidden from writing about dumplings, or cooking them, or even eating them altogether.

It would be great if someone could clear that up. Dumplings are very good.

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