If you want to understand what it looks like when woke policies cause a national collapse, look to the mass chaos happening in Sri Lanka right now
ยท Jul 7, 2022 ยท NottheBee.com

Marxism always kills, whether its the Stalinist kind, the Maoist kind, the Caribbean Castro flavor, the race-based Ibram X. Kendi brand, or the corporate-globalist "ESG" kind.

In Sri Lanka, several years after the country tried to adapt woke climate and governance policies, the nation has run out of fuel and food. People are quite literally rioting in the streets.

[Warning: Violence]

If you want more information, VICE seems to be one of the only media outlets on the ground and has a good summary from a week ago that explains what's been happening in recent weeks.

The reason farmers in Europe are currently rioting is because they know they're next. They know the woke neo-Marxism that's popular with the elites is going to destroy the well-oiled machine that keeps modern life humming along.

This suffering and death is the fruit of the plans that the UN, WHO, World Bank, World Economic Forum, and the rest of the "liberal world order" have created over the past few decades. Why else would the UN author a paper titled "The Benefits of World Hunger" and then delete it a day later?

Buckle up, here comes progress!

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