IT'S A CULT: Lefty therapist says wokeness is "the only real spiritual path of meaning available to white folks"
· May 20, 2023 ·

Sometimes they just say all of the quiet stuff out loud, don't they?

How many times have conservatives said that wokeness, CRT, gender theory, all of it is a cult?

James Lindsay has defined it even further as a Gnostic Cult, and we're all called names and conspiracists.

But sometimes they just let it slip out, like this woke therapist:

I grew up in Seattle, very liberal whiteness environment, and that is- I'm in that environment still... I really see this as a healing journey and, to me, really the only real spiritual path of meaning available to white folks.

Critical race consciousness and white self-hatred is THE only legitimate "spiritual healing" for white people.

Not Christianity. Not religion. Not even "good works."

Outside of self-hatred, white people are worthless, according to this balloonhead.

Seattle and the Pacific Northwest are essentially Godless areas, so it's not a shock that a liberal white woman would reach for this when she's looking for meaning.

But don't let them ever tell you again it isn't a cult.

This is this therapist's meaning in life. Hatred of her own race.

It's a religion, folks. It's a cult. And the only way to stop it is with TRUE religion.

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