Woke writer defends her article that calls for more abortions on TV, says "if there is a God, I believe that God loves abortion" 😬

Jul 23rd

You know what TV really needs these days?

More abortion, according to Marie Claire writer Danielle Campoamor.

In the piece, Campoamor – who has contributed to The New York Times, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC, Teen Vogue, and more – talks about how sad it is that we don't depict the new woke sacrament of child sacrifice more often on screen.

Countless studies have highlighted the importance of representation in the media, be it race, gender, relationships, body size and shape, mental health, or disability status. The same is true of abortionβ€”a safe medical procedure one in four women (as well as trans men and non-binary people) will have by the time they're 45.

Look at the gymnastics at play here. First, she's making abortion an "equity" issue. Just like we need to portray more diverse skin tones, body sizes, and sexual preferences, we also need more representation of little babies being poisoned and vacuum aspirated in bloody displays of raw feminine empowerment!

Second, she says abortion is "a safe medical procedure," which will always be categorically false as at least 50% of the human beings involved in such a procedure are killed each time an abortion occurs.

Campoamor really laments that shows only show young, scared, single women getting abortion instead of including parents who decide they just don't want another kid.

There's nothing like a good family show where the mom and dad have to explain to their 5-year-old and their elderly parents why they're getting an abortion for Christmas this year!

She also laments how depiction of abortion is declining:

A December 2020 study about abortion representation onscreen, published by Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH), shows an overall decrease in abortion plotlines on television.

The rest of the article continues with quotes to make us feel bad that we're not being more "tolerant" and "inclusive" when it comes to the death of children.

Campoamor also felt a strong need to defend the article from people who rightly pointed out that her philosophy is a vapid and deranged worldview devoid of meaning or substance.

Here's how she tried to explain that YOU are actually the bad guy if you disagree with her (language warning):

She seems like a likable person, right? You can tell why she belongs at the NYT, WaPo, CNN, and other "respectable" institutions.

As if insulting the idea of Almighty God was not enough, however, Campoamor felt it was very important to say that she, sovereign and holy above all as she is, can safely declare that God LOVES abortion.

Dumb dumbs in the cesspool of Twitter shouldn't be threatening this lady with vile insults and death threats.

That being said, to paint murder as loving, to mock God, and then to assert that He loves murder is a dangerously bold (read: foolish) move of the highest order.

Oh, that Grace would reach her heart before she realizes the truth too late.

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