Wokies say police racism caused screwdriver-wielding maniac to die after he jumped off a bridge while resisting arrest
ยท Jun 7, 2022 ยท NottheBee.com

Police in the UK don't carry guns, but they do carry tasers, and that's too much for the CRT squad. They would prefer the police go up against deranged criminals with their bare hands.

[Warning: Crazy Dude]

Yeah, so he totally made the decision to jump off that bridge instead of surrendering to police.

But look at how some media was reporting it:

...fell into the Thames

No, you clowns, that dude jumped two barriers and yeeted himself off that bridge of his own free will.

And the police were called by concerned citizens because the 41-year-old was standing on the bridge and shouting while waving the screwdriver around.

The wokies cried "RACISM!" though, because even though the man was armed (do you realize what a crazed 200lb man can do with a small metal spike??), was aggressively approaching the officers, and one of the officers was black, they really want to play the same racial hustle as their comrades across the pond.

"End Taser Torture" ๐Ÿคก

My goodness. Talk about desperation!

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