Fan allegedly smuggles gun under her belly fat into White Sox game, accidentally shoots herself and another woman
· Aug 30, 2023 ·

Why would anyone want to smuggle a gun into a baseball game for anything other than to cause trouble? The idea that someone would hide a gun in their fat folds to do so seems unbelievable.

Here's what we know for sure: two women were injured by gunshots at a White Sox game with the Oakland A's during the fourth inning.

You can see the moment it happens here:

One of the two women wounded set off the metal detectors three separate times, but security checks did not reveal any weapons or reason for the alarm.

An investigation reportedly revealed she had smuggled a gun into the stadium inside her belly fat, which accidentally discharged, hitting her in the leg and grazing another woman's back.

However, the woman's lawyer vehemently denies that his client had a gun at all.

"She denies bringing a firearm into the stadium and further denies having anything to do with the discharge of a firearm at the stadium," attorney John Malm said in a statement, per the Tribune. "We will continue investigating this matter further to pursue justice on behalf of our client who sustained serious personal injuries as a result of this shooting."

It's hard to tell from the video exactly what happened, but the investigators ruled out a shot from outside the stadium.

Someone smuggled a gun into the game.

And at the time of the incident, police ruled that there was no active threat, so the game went on uninterrupted.

And that makes me think they had to have the gun in question under their control soon after they showed up to check on the woman.

This situation would have played out much differently if two people were injured by an active shooter, and police didn't know where the gun was.

The home team would probably have appreciated a hysterical evacuation, as the two women weren't the only ones injured that night.

The White Sox took a bullet from the Oakland A's: 12-4.


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