Wow! Jordan Peterson just dropped a truth bomb on Bill Maher and his audience by telling them how colleges have trained kids to be violent moral crusaders
ยท Nov 20, 2023 ยท

JBP just took a flamethrower to the entire "reasonable left" with this schooling:

People have bought this idiot meta-Marxism which is that the way to look at every social relationship that people ever have is through thelens of power... we can put that squarely at the feet of universities as far as I'm concerned...

The Left has painted absolutely everything from marriage to business to history as a Marxist "oppressed vs. oppressor" dialectic that completely polarizes positions.

Once you get that, which you get in about two minutes if you sit in a course that teaches that sort of thing, you have a lens to moralize the whole world through...

The leftists have already decided that Palestinians are the victims and, as you pointed out, if you're the victim then you're morally righteous. And even more conveniently, if you stand for the victim then you're morally righteous regardless of what you do with your own life.

And that's pretty much what university students are taught from the time they enter the university classroom and that's how they orient themselves morally. And that's at the hands of the raadical left.

Yeah, that's all good, and if you follow Peterson, it's stuff you already know.

But here is where Dr. Peterson STUNS everyone on the panel, including Maher.

One of the things the Democrats also have to pay the price for, I would say, is their absolute refusal to draw a line the moderate Democrats and the extremists. They're completely incapable of doing that. I've talked to 40 Senators and Congressmen over the past five years. I've asked them all the same question, including RFK, he wouldn't answer either.

"When does the Left go too far?"

Well, we certainly bloody well saw it the last month didn't we? Because it got the oppressor-oppressed narrative a little mucked up, I would say. And the consequences of that are going to unfold pretty brutally over the next few months.

The Left:

Peterson is 1000% right.

How did we get here? For decades, NO ONE on the Left was ever willing to draw any sort of boundaries.

They need to own up to it!

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