Wuhan rang in the new year with a massive party while Times Square and U.S. locales were empty and on lockdown
· · Jan 1, 2021 · NottheBee.com

Remember Wuhan, the epicenter of the ‘Rona virus that has shut down the world for a year?

While many of you were sneaking off to New Year's parties in defiance of your governor's orders or avoided posting details of your evening on social media as to not be blamed for killing grandmas, this is how Wuhan was celebrating:

Yep, you can't eat at a restaurant outdoors, but those who exported the Wu Flu can party it up en masse to celebrate the rising star of China as Western Civilization crumbles into dust.

"But akchtually," says the Woke disciple, "China has only had 4,000 COVID deaths and Wuhan is clear of the virus! The only reason 300,000 have died in America is because of those evil conservatives who love liberty!"

Even if someone believed such nonsense, here's a truth nugget for you:

China doesn't care about you.

The CCP is focused on creating an empire and has an ethnocentric superiority complex that rivals men like Hitler. The CCP is not guided by Christian principles of love, charity, liberty, and the fear of God. It is an empire, and it is hungry for land, resources, and influence. It won't stop until communism and Han culture is the standard around the world.

And as it builds fusion reactors, aims to have a military base on the moon, and quadruples the size of its naval fleet, America is locked down, being told to submit, being told to fear, being told not to socialize or worship or hope – that our darkest days are ahead of us.

Images are powerful. What do these two messages side-by-side tell the world? What do you see?

I see the rise of an empire and the death of liberty.

Happy New Year.


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