Yeah, maybe don't try this. A guy in Berlin was caught using a radio to impersonate air traffic controllers and give fake instructions to aircraft!
· Jan 29, 2021 ·

What a bad idea!

Police in Berlin finally caught a fella who had allegedly been using his own radios to impersonate aviation officials and give aircraft bogus instructions.

He was even doing it to police helicopters!

Actually, that's how they caught him.

They tricked him into talking with a police chopper and kept him on the radio until they could finally triangulate his location.

According to the AP,

The man is alleged to have made contact with pilots of passenger and transport aircraft, as well as state and federal police helicopters, over the past six months, giving "potentially dangerous" instructions and becoming increasingly professional with his communications.

"and becoming increasingly professional with his communications" (!!!)


He was getting good at it!

Thankfully there are no known accidents that were caused by his behavior, but you can sure bet he's going to face some serious consequences. But, who knows, maybe there will be a job offer waiting for him once he gets out of jail.


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