Yikes! Family in South Africa finds a deadly venomous snake slithering around in their Christmas tree
· Dec 17, 2021 · NottheBee.com

This family in South Africa found a deadly venomous snake slithering around in their Christmas tree and I am not okay!

From the Mirror:

"A British family got the fright of their life after decorating their Christmas tree when a poisonous snake poked its head out from behind a bauble.

Rob and Marcela Wild were admiring the tree with children Edward, 11, and Sahara, six, when they spotted the deadly boomslang nestle between the tinsel at their home in Cape Town, South Africa.

The reptile is the country's most venomous snake ahead of the mamba and the cobra and one bite could prove fatal without treatment."

First off, sorry to be a nerd, but snakes aren't poisonous, they're venomous.

Second, can you imagine how scared you'd be if you went to hang an ornament on your Christmas tree and this fellow popped out at you?

I mean, seriously. I'd have flipped out.

"They often bring 'gifts' in from the farm we live on so Marcela went to have a look and moved a bauble and saw a snakes head staring straight back at her.

"She gave shriek and shouted 'snake' and we all got back."

UK stock market trader Rob bravely stepped forward for a better look and realised it was a boomslang after a quick Google search.

The family, who moved to South Africa 15 years ago, rang a snake catcher who told them to keep it in the tree so every time it tried to slither down, they rustled the presents to send it back up."

Not only was it a snake, but it was also literally THE WORST POSSIBLE SNAKE YOU COULD POSSIBLY FIND!

That's a fine Merry Christmas for you.

The appropriately named Wild family called a snake catcher, but I think I know who I would have called in this sort of situation.

There may have been a few bullet-sized holes in the wall if this had been me.

"Snake catcher Gerrie Heyns, 49, was sent photos of the snake's head poking out the tree with a circle round its head by Rob but dismissed them as a prank.

He said: "I thought it was one of my fellow snake catchers trying to catch me out and closed down the photo's after laughing they won't be fooling me.

"Then my mobile rang and it was Rob who sent the photos and promised me they really did have a boomslang in their Christmas tree and it was no joke.

"I drove over to theirs telling them not to take their eyes off it in case it found itself a hiding place in their home.

"It wasn't an easy catch as it was very nippy and it kept going up and down and round and round the tree and I was trying not to upset the decorations or lights."

Eventually the boomslang came down and tried to escape but Gerrie was able to put his tongs on it and place his hand behind its head to make sure it could not bite him."

It was no joke. At least the snake wrangler was able to get ahold of the slithery guy and get him out of the house.

That's one Christmas surprise the Wild family won't be forgetting any time soon.

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