You know the world has gone mad when RICHARD DAWKINS is defending biblical frameworks of humanity and objectivity
· · Mar 19, 2021 ·

Five years ago, I would have never guessed that aggressive atheist Richard Dawkins would have been on the same side as biblical beliefs concerning gender, free speech, and the treatment of others.

To be fair, Dawkins isn't overtly defending the Bible. He still thinks you're an uncivilized moron if you believe the highly sophisticated universe around us has a Creator, or that people are more than simple meat machines with no significance in a dying universe.

That being said, it's interesting (and concerning) that someone who is so vehemently opposed to the biblical framework is on the same side as ardent believers when it comes to stopping cancel culture.

It's interesting that Dawkins wonders at how much woke intimidation is happening in the scientific world, considering men like him have intimidated Christian scientists who dare to interpret data outside an atheistic evolutionary framework.

What he still seems unable to see is that cold, hard sCiEnCe alone doesn't provide the answers for why or how we should live, for human consciousness, or even for why we should believe in objective reality if all that awaits us is death. Faced with such meaninglessness, people are reverting back to the old gods and throwing out the pursuit of science that was pioneered by God-fearing men like Kepler, Newton, and Pascal.

Dawkins might be an atheist, but he's getting a good look at what happens when you remove the Creator from His creation: a backward slide into an indifference for scientific truth and a love for subjectively defining reality to maximize our own pleasure.

What he will hopefully come to realize is that the only solution for stopping such decay is reminding people of their sinful nature, the objective reality of a Creator, and the amazing good news that said Creator loves us and wants us to live according to His designs.


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