You probably haven't heard of this Christian newlywed who was brutally hacked to pieces at a Dollar Tree in Ohio by a man with a machete
· Jan 6, 2023 ·

The stories with less-than-favorable optics get passed over by the mainstream media. Why do you think that is?

A story like this is horrific and tragic beyond words.

Keris Riebel was working in a little corner of the Midwest when a random stranger entered the store, singled her out for no known reason, and proceeded to hack her into pieces with a machete.

Keris was a 22-year-old newlywed who was married on October 8th to her husband, Jordan. She grew up in the church, and she and Jordan were members at Trinity Baptist Church in Marion, Ohio.

From her obituary:

After marriage, Keris and Jordan began the search to find a place to grow together with their faith in Christ. Upon hearing Pastor Daniel McCoy give his first message, Keris knew that Trinity Baptist Church would be the one. Keris had a great love for Our Lord. She loved the bible and was devoted daily in reading the scriptures. Her heart for the Lord was reflected in the way she lived life, always having a smile, and her loving spirit and kindness for others.

It breaks the heart. This was a devoted young woman of God – a loving wife who had her entire life ahead of her.

And she was savagely hacked apart in a brutal display of evil.

From Fox News:

Suspect Bethel M. Bekele, 27, reportedly entered the store before 4:30 p.m. waving the blade, then struck Riebel "numerous times with the machete," police said in a statement.


"She fell down straight to the ground. He hit her in the back of the neck," the caller recounted of what happened to Riebel.

The suspect, Bekele, reportedly fled the scene, then drove a mile to the sheriff's office and surrendered himself.

Police have no motive at this time.

"Jordan and Keris were also looking forward to having children and most recently a puppy and starting their new lives together. It was ripped apart from the both of them in a matter of seconds," a GoFundMe page established by a family member states.

This is a shocking story. It should, by all metrics, be running on outlets all over the nation.

This isn't in a shady New-York neighborhood or a back alley of Chicago's South side. This is Upper Sandusky, Ohio, a rural town with 6,500 people.

The attack happened in a little sleepy Dollar Tree store – the kind that any of you, or your mothers, sisters, and wives could easily be in on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

Most importantly, the attack was SAVAGE. It was horrid and brutal in ways one cannot describe without having nightmares. I listened to the 911 call. It is beyond words. You can listen to the full recording in the Fox News link above, or hear snippets of it in this local news report:

The caller ran out of the store and took shelter near a Bob Evans and a Taco Bell.

The brutality of the crime, the location in a sleepy Midwestern shopping center, and the tragic loss of a young, beautiful bride with her life ahead of her make this the kind of story that shocks a nation.

And yet nearly no outlets are reporting on it. Why is that?

Could it be that the media wants to push the narrative that criminals are oppressed – and black criminals doubly so – and they don't want to garner sympathy by reporting the truth on what's happening in society because it hurts the neo-Marxist intersectional cause?

I think you know the answer to that.

As of this point, I could find information on Bekele. Other than his surname is Amharic (Ethiopian), I really have no idea if he had prior arrests and convictions, if he is from the area (or even if he is an American citizen), or why he targeted Keris.

If we had an honest media that cared about reporting on the facts regarding surging crime, mental instability, and activist politicians and DAs who are letting criminals roam the streets, we might get some answers. Instead, there is little reporting and no outcry – no shouts of "Say her name!" in the streets or TV press conferences with the likes of Al Sharpton.

Until this changes, all we can do is pray and financially help her family try to put back together the pieces of their shattered world – and take solace in the fact that she put her hope in Christ, so that in death she has gained joy that no sorrow can touch.

Might I also suggest that you learn to protect yourself and your loved ones, because our woke and spineless politicians will not. The next time you find yourself at the store, you may need the means to stop evil that has marked you for death.

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