You'll understand why big companies have gone woke after you read this fascinating thread about Coca-Cola and the DC Swamp
· Jan 3, 2023 ·

Some important stuff here:

I didn't seriously start thinking about this until government experts refused to mention obesity when addressing Covid, despite the fact that obesity was perhaps the most significant factor in mortality outside of advanced age or compromised immunity.

When this was combined with woke HR policies from large companies like Coca-Cola, it made me put the ol' thinking cap on.

It's almost like these policies have nothing to do with actual human progress or moral standing and everything to do with perceived optics and money! Being woke allows these companies to get as rich as possible by appearing to be virtuous and kind.

Fact: Obesity is the most significant health issue facing America (and it isn't even close). We've been lied to for decades about fat being bad and sugar being relatively neutral, leading to low-fat foods that need high sucrose and glucose content to trick our brains into satiation.

Much of this is political in nature.

At the end of the day, you have to make your own nutrition choices. I'm not out here like Leslie Knope trying to ban your Big Gulp.

But if there's a reason to even have a government agency that regulates food or a civil rights NGO that fights in court, its sole purpose is to protect the consumer from predatory business sharks selling dangerous or harmful products.

If said agency is controlled by deals with activists and cronies, and if those public servants are colluding with them to virtue signal as an excuse to ban anyone who disagrees with them [-cough- The Twitter Files -cough cough-], then we don't have a government, we have a cesspool of a Swamp that's willing to get rich off our dead and dying bodies.

If you can't put down the Coke or Coke Zero, maybe 2023 is a good time to resolve to quit.

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