Illhan Omar went viral for saying she’s a Somalian nationalist who uses her position in the U.S. Congress to protect Somalia’s interests 🤔
· Jan 29, 2024 ·

Interesting speech here from Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who is apparently using her position within our government as a way to push her Somalia-first agenda abroad. This teeters on treason and I'm not exaggerating.

Let's take a listen to her speech which I'll quote below.

We as Somalians, we love each other. There are areas of friction and that led us to kill each other. But in reality we are an organized society, brothers and sisters, people of the same blood. People who know they are Somalians first, Muslims second, who protect one another come to each other's aid and to the aid of other Muslims too. Couple of days ago, we heard some people who call themselves Somalis or claim to be Somalis have signed an MoU [Memorandum of Agreement] with Ethiopia on access to the sea.

Many Somalians have personally called me to encourage me to speak to the U.S. government and help Somalia. They wanted to know what the U.S. government could do for Somalia to ensure the MoU never turns into a full bilateral agreement. My answer to Somalians was that the U.S. government will only do what Somalians in the U.S. tell them to do. They will do what we want and nothing else. They must follow our orders and that is how we will safeguard the interest of Somalia. We Somalians must have that confidence in ourselves that we call for the shots in the U.S.

We live in the U.S., pay taxes in the U.S., and have a real voice. The U.S. is a country where one of your daughters is in Congress to represent your interests.

For as long as I am in the U.S. Congress, Somalia will never be in danger, its waters will not be stolen by Ethiopia or others. The U.S. would not dare to support anyone against Somalia to steal our land or oceans. Sleep in comfort, knowing I am here to protect the interests of Somalia from inside the U.S. system. The woman you sent to Congress is working day and night to protect your interests. She knows your plight and that of Somalia. I am as concerned about Somalia as you guys are. Together we will protect the interests of Somalia.

Yeah, that doesn't sound very much like an American congresswoman — that sounds like a Somalian woman who has infiltrated the U.S. government in order to push a Somalia-first agenda.

And not only that, but I thought Ilhan was an anti-war progressive. What's the deal with this line?

Ethiopia and Kenya have stolen and continue to occupy the Somali Region state which belongs to Somalia. We will liberate the occupied territories stolen from Somalia ... that belong to greater Somalia.

You gonna use your position in the American government to push for war in the Horn of Africa?

Just wondering.

The Somaliland minister of foreign affairs responded to Illhan, blasting her. Somaliland is an unrecognized democratic nation that developed out of the British colony there and has a functioning government with general peace, unlike the warlord pirates that run most of southern Somalia.

So America, keep an eye on who you elect to your government.

Oh... remember this? I'm sure it's unrelated.

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