Check out these bizarre "Zillowgonewild" houses.

Jan 13th

The Instagram account zillowgonewild might be one of the last remaining gems on social media. This account has everything. You have homes with jail cells, an indoor beach, carpeted bathrooms, and even a home that doubles as a Disney shrine.

It really makes you wonder WHAT THE PETER HECK some people do inside their homes.

I've selected a few of the most outlandish, tacky, and overall insane homes for your viewing pleasure.

Here is $1.3M school that is trying to pass for a house:

For $2.1M you can have your own diner and nightclub:

If the above diner/nightclub home is a little out of your price range, you can purchase the below home for $255,000 in South Carolina. You still get your own bar complete with a boot scootin' boogie dance floor.

This "Downstairs Upstairs Toilet" home is only $240,000. (check out the 6th picture to see how it got such an illustrious nick name).


This home has its own jacuzzi kitchen.

Why? Because one man's dream home is another man's nightmare. And that's all you need to know.

Overall, this was a very hard list to narrow down. I am both intrigued and disturbed and will henceforth be spending all free time searching for crazy homes on Zillow.


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