Have you heard anything from the media the past few weeks about the ongoing farmer protests in Germany?
ยท Jan 5, 2024 ยท NottheBee.com

Farmers who are sick of government taxes and climate policies have been taking to the streets for several years now across the Western world, but the media pretends it isn't happening.

Why is that?

Scenes out of Germany this week:

Farmers have been blocking traffic and protesting on the streets in opposition to subsidy cuts that will raise the price of fuel.

From The Telegraph back on Dec. 19:

Some 10,000 agricultural workers descended on the capital's Brandenburg Gate on Monday with 3,000 tractors, bringing traffic to a standstill as they demanded an about-turn on plans by the German chancellor's coalition administration.

Berlin says that ending farmers' diesel subsidies and vehicle tax exemption are a necessary part of austerity measures aimed at resolving the country's budget crisis in 2024.

But the German government is now facing a potentially major revolt from agricultural workers about the changes.

And from Reuters today:

German leaders expressed concern on Friday that political debate in the country was becoming dangerously radicalised after a crowd of protesting farmers prevented the vice chancellor from leaving a ferry and tried to storm the vessel.

The blockade on Thursday by around 250-300 protesters was sparked by plans to phase out agricultural subsidies as the government scrambles to fix its finances after a court ruling in November threw its spending plans into disarray.

"What worries me is that the mood in this country is heating up so much," said Vice Chancellor and Economy Minister Robert Habeck, after the ferry on which he was returning from an island vacation in northern Germany was forced to turn around.

That's right. The farmers are the radical ones.

You know, the peasants who are being taxed into the ground for the sake of balancing the national budget that was blown out by the politicians running the country.

It's important to note that this is the inevitable endgame of subsidies. When the government uses tax dollars to put its thumb on the market (in the case of agriculture to make local farmers more competitive), it creates bloat. At some point, something has to give. But it's beyond parody that the German government can't think of anything else to cut, like the billions it spends on migrants, instead of hurting its farmers.

We live in a time when Western leaders know they can just slap "radical" on any of their citizens who oppose their rule. Sure, these people might lose their farms and their children will starve, but THEY BLOCKED A MAN FROM LEAVING A FERRY, don't ya know!

The German Farmers' Association distanced itself from the blockade but said it was sticking with plans for more demonstrations next week in a push to keep the subsidies.

A massive protest is scheduled for January 8th:

Ozdemir said the government would press on with the subsidy cuts despite the protests. The government on Thursday diluted plans for the cuts but farmers say this does not go far enough.

Translation: LOL we're the government, we can do what we want!

Keep an eye on this one, folks. Heaven knows the media won't report on it.

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