Cecil the dog ate $4,000 in cash. His owners recovered most of it, but they had to wait a few days. ๐Ÿ˜ญ
ยท Jan 5, 2024 ยท NottheBee.com

Clayton and Carrie Law had just withdrawn $4,000 in cash from their joint savings account to use for their "nunya business," when their dog Cecil decided to eat the money.

Carrie said,

This dog, I swear to God, has never touched anything in his life. I used to go to Salem's and bring home a salad with lamb on it and leave it sitting out, and he wouldn't even touch it.

And yet, the allure of a fast buck got to the beloved pet, and he made it all a tasty snack.

Suddenly Clayton yelled to me, 'Cecil's eating $4,000!!!!!' I thought, 'I cannot be hearing that.' I almost had a heart attack.

The Laws were devastated and called their bank to see if there was anything that could be done. The bank said that if the serial numbers were still legible, they would replace the ruined notes.

Cecil vomited up a bunch of the shredded money, but the rest of it took days to retrieve ...

... because Cecil had to poop it out.

The Halls then had wash the bits of money, and piece the bills back together like tiny, smelly jigsaw puzzles.

"There we are at the utility sink," she says, "washing this [censored] money, yelling 'Yay! Yes! We got one!' It smelled so bad."

They made a whole video montage of the process if you want to watch it.

They do not look happy.

But in the end, they were able to piece together $3,550 of the cash.

Thankfully Cecil is fine ("He only threw up some," Carrie says), and he's back in the good graces of his owners. "He's a very fancy fellow," says Carrie, who is working on a piece of art, in which Cecil takes on a regal appearance, to commemorate the experience. "He just has very expensive taste."

And Carrie doesn't even look mad at him because he's such a good boy.

Look at him!


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