Easter weekend provided insight into the countdown to the West’s extinction. Take a journey with me through our new meaningless holidays.

I knew it had gotten bad. You can't do what we've done:

  • Deprive a generation or two of the knowledge of God
  • Mock personal responsibility as a luxury only for the privileged
  • Indoctrinate our youth into the fantasy that life is nothing but the product of some grand cosmic accident
  • Facilitate belief that the way to get ahead is to present yourself as a victim
  • Isolate our children from any instruction in moral discernment, all while molesting and sexualizing them for the pleasure of adults

…You can't do all that and think there aren't going to be horrific consequences.

But like the proverbial frog in the boiling water pot, I think I had blissfully convinced myself that God's judgment was coming, not that it was already here. Even after the Biden administration's abominable celebration of some made-up holiday like "Transgender Day of Awareness," with nothing but a passing glance to the most pivotal day in human history, "Resurrection Sunday," I took it as just another anecdotal sign we were headed in the wrong direction.

Obviously, American society is one that glories in flying the middle finger towards heaven. For goodness sake, our highest institutions gleefully perpetuate the hijacking of God's grand promise of hope for humanity by illuminating the mansion of our own demented "god-king," the president, with a rainbow.

It's almost unfathomable arrogance - a symbol that God instituted to remind sinful man of His everlasting promise never to destroy the world again for its depravity, we now appropriate it as a symbol of our own "pride" in depravity. Even the most committed deist couldn't believe that God would turn a blind eye towards that contempt.

So why no earthquakes to crumble monuments, or natural disasters plowing under cities? Perhaps because just as frightening as those examples of God's active wrath are the ones that depict His passive wrath. That is, where God looks at rebellious man and says, "Fine, have it your way," leaving us helpless victims of our own sin and excess.

Are we there? Are we wallowing in our own self-indulgent wickedness? If I had any remaining before, this thread (a jaw-dropping laundry list of our egotistical, sexually-obsessed navel-gazing) extinguished all doubts. Behold the most magnificent display of our society's beyond-parody degeneracy:

Admittedly, there is certainly an element of gallows-humor here. I don't find it funny that our godless society is likely beyond the point of no return in its commission of civilizational suicide, but it's almost laughable how insane we've become with so many sophisticates and intellectuals prancing about pretending otherwise.

Professing ourselves to be wise, through our pseudoscience, our self-serving rape of God's moral order, and the predatory abuse of our own children, we have become fools. Fools who celebrate their foolishness with a litany of meaningless holidays on a calendar that is quickly counting itself down to the extinction of the West.

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