There’s no greater sign we’re under God’s judgement than Biden vs. Trump

First came President Biden's now-infamous public declaration on Resurrection Sunday where he bastardized Scripture to facilitate the confusion of those battling mental illness:

Then came former President Trump's own moving, Christ-honoring post:

If anybody was looking for a snapshot of the state of godly character among our nation's political leaders, there it is. One seemingly demented octogenarian who presents as Catholic but apparently sees nothing wrong with celebrating child abuse on Resurrection Sunday. Another textbook narcissist who dedicates 98% of his own Resurrection Sunday post to rant about his personal political grievances.

Go ahead, just try and tell me this country isn't under the judgment of God.

I used to be really encouraged, even moved, by the public professions of faith by elected officials. I used to look for it, desire it, and in serious moments I expected it. Now, if I can be brutally honest, I just cringe.

To be sure, I still prefer anyone elected to a position of the public trust have faith in a moral authority higher than themselves. I want leaders who are filled with the Holy Spirit, who follow the "golden rule," and whose first priority in life is to honor God.

But here's what I've come to understand. Our culture is lost. It's sick, perverted, greedy, corrupt, and revels in its unrighteousness. Our people are self-serving, stiff-necked, and have turned to their own way. In a representative democracy, it's not too difficult to figure out what kind of people are going to rise to the top when such a society conducts its annual electoral popularity contests.

A debased and immoral people will choose debased and immoral leaders to rule them. Scripture tells us that darkness runs away from the light; thus, the ungodly will not instinctively vote for the godly.

That's why as much as I would prefer presidents who acknowledge events like Good Friday, Resurrection Sunday, and the nativity story with public declarations and celebrations, I no longer expect it, or even really buy it when it does sporadically occur. These days, when I see politicians appealing to principles of faith, I'm far more likely to be turned off by the rather obvious pandering.

Is it nice that after the White House eagerly celebrated the spirit of the age by proclaiming "Transgender Visibility Day," Joe Biden's twitter account eventually got around to saying, "Happy Easter?" Um, I guess?

But (1) I don't think he wrote that, (2) I don't think whoever did write that meant it, (3) I think the message itself was workshopped, focus-grouped, and then released through a lens of what would be most politically advantageous rather than most honoring to our Messiah. So what's the point? From the perspective of a Christian, I say just leave it alone rather than dishonor Christ with your overly-edited lip service.

But if that wasn't depressing enough, watching Biden's opponent, former President Donald Trump spend Holy Week peddling his $60 personally endorsed, "God Bless the USA Bible," just put the icing on the cake. Trump's campaign did attempt to please conservatives by blasting Biden for a "years long assault on the Christian faith." But even that committed a fairly egregious gaffe, likely out of ignorance.

How humiliating for those of us on the right that after expressing our logical disappointment in President Biden's muted-at-best Easter acknowledgement, our own presidential nominee spends the morning of Resurrection Sunday posting more than 70 attacks against his political enemies on Truth Social?

What an embarrassment. It's hard to decry the Democrats for politicizing Easter with transgender nonsense when your own choice for the White House follows up your protestations with rancorous political tantrums.

It's all pathetic. And it's a clear demonstration to anyone paying attention that our godless society has been "turned over to reprobate minds." Do I wish we had coherent candidates with sincere Christian convictions? Sure, absolutely. But we aren't the kind of society that is going to produce that anymore, and I'm not interested in pretending otherwise to prop up godless politicians of any party.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Not the Bee or any of its affiliates.

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