“God lied to humanity”: This has to be the most blasphemous sermon of all time

Just a couple months ago, Not the Bee introduced you to a female preacher in the PCUSA (Presbyterian Church USA) named Rebecca Peters.

This self-proclaimed "Pastrix" (the latest identity title made up by progressives) donned a Planned Parenthood stole, climbed into a pulpit, and celebrated her two abortions. "I can also attest that I felt God's presence with me as I made the decision to end two pregnancies," Peters proclaimed. "And I felt no guilt, no shame, no sin."

Author John Knox, appropriately calling hers the "doctrine of demons," correctly observed:

Her god is herself. And that's Satan's game.

For the sake of Christian sanity, and for the sake of not amplifying the blasphemy, it would probably behoove us to just let it go. After all, having abandoned any fidelity to the word of God, PCUSA is a denomination flapping in the breeze of relativity, futilely attempting to scratch enough itching ears of the world to stay relevant. The denomination is dying, as does every sect of Christianity that abandons Christ, and indeed there are probably only about 5-10 people attending Peters' services regularly.

But unfortunately, social media changes everything. Blasphemy, once confined within four hollow walls, can now be spread recklessly. It filters its way into the ears, minds, and hearts of those dedicated to diminishing the glory of Christ and the testimony of His word. It becomes a battering ram, willfully wielded by those who wish to confuse the faithful into believing truth is ambiguous, equivocal, and indefinite. It connects a phony "Pastrix" to vulnerable souls, which makes a thorough, exegetical demolition of the false teaching both prudent and necessity.

That's what Not the Bee provided a few months ago. And it's what I intend to offer today, now that Ms. Peters is back with another blasphemous bastardizing of God's word. If you can handle it, take a look at this:

Perhaps they were intended to, perhaps this is all about getting attention by saying provocative and incendiary things, but some of those statements shock the conscience of a believer. They are mind-boggling to hear coming from the lips of one who presents themselves as a Christian, no less coming from a pulpit.

Peters accuses God of "lying to humanity," which is not only blasphemous but it is also a logical impossibility. It's not just that God tells the truth all the time, it's that God is Truth. Whatever He says, whatever He does, whatever He thinks, is the Truth to which creation can only conform or uselessly rebel against.

Ms. Peters' choice in that regard is self-evident. She has willfully and pridefully chosen the path of Eve. Consider her language:

"to take my God away from me"

"the God that I know"

"the God that I know"

This is Idolatry 101. It is also the fruit of so much of "progressive" Christianity - the manufacture of a false god that looks remarkably like you. One that permits you to "reinterpret" Scripture in a way that just so happens to always match your wants, permit your passions, encourage your urges, and facilitate your desires. One that never says no.

It's the religion of the moment, the true spirit of the age, and "Pastrix" Peters is a profound prophet of that faith. That's her prerogative, of course, but it's not Christianity. To the Christian, this teaching is the epitome of foolishness and pride. It is so backwards, it manages to invert the lesson of Genesis 3, one of the most fundamental and straightforward doctrines of the Christian faith. Peters may believe she is "reinterpreting" the passage, but in actuality, she's providing nothing more than a modern demonstration of just how deadly effective Satan's wiles remain.

Imagine the wicked cocktail of confusion and hubris one must swallow to read the disastrous account of Satan's successful temptation of Eve and see God as the villain who deceived humanity by telling them they would die. Not only does Peters misquote God in the same way that Eve did by adding "nor shall you touch it" to His prohibition on eating the forbidden fruit, she actually credits the literal Father of Lies with correcting God's intentional deceit.

It's unfathomable arrogance, sure. But it's also discernibly false. Man did die as a result of eating that fruit, just as God said. As a result of his singular moment of disobedience, man's body was on an inescapable collision course with physical death. But spiritually, which is the far more significant component of life, his soul died instantaneously.

That's what precipitated God's work to redeem His creation from the death they had chosen, a plan that culminated on the cross of Jesus. Perverting that reality doesn't just disqualify you from teaching Christian doctrine, it undermines your claim to the faith itself.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Not the Bee or any of its affiliates.

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