The Democrat Hispanic exodus is game-changing

If it holds, it's titanic.

According to a recently released poll from CBS News, an historically reliable voting demographic for the Democrat Party is in the midst of a massive shift towards the GOP with the Congressional midterms less than three months away.

Yes, Democrats are still winning the Hispanic vote, but their lead is now within the poll's margin of error, making it a statistical tie. Such numbers are almost unthinkable considering that just four years ago, Hispanics voters broke for Democrats at a gargantuan 40-point differential. Regardless of your political loyalties, a 37-point shift in voter sentiment in 4 years is jaw-dropping.

So what has caused it?

I appreciated the remark of one Hispanic public relations exec who recently commented on the "seismic shift" that when it came to his racial demographic, "No somos woke."

To be sure, this is more than just being compared to "breakfast tacos in San Antonio" by the First Lady of the United States. It's more than having a nonsense label like "Latinx" slapped on you despite no one having any idea what it means. This is about a cultural crusade by progressives that stokes division and exacerbates racial unrest. Who would possibly be enticed by such a movement?

Now, from my seat, it doesn't end with the woke nonsense. More than a few commentators have observed the modern Democrat Party's supersonic slide into radical abortion politics. A historically pro-life demographic, undoubtedly part and parcel of their strong Catholic traditions, most Hispanics have been appalled to watch Democrat messaging on the subject go from "safe, legal, rare" to "shout your abortion."

Along those same lines, Hispanic citizens have always boasted comparatively high levels of appreciation for this country. The Democrat Party and its chosen descent into grievance politics has absolutely nothing to offer in that regard.

Further, Hispanics collectively are an aggressively upwardly mobile group. An impressive number of second generation Hispanic American citizens are already solidly within the middle class, a testament to a moral and economic determination that deserves appreciation and respect.

Instead, the Democrat Party continues facilitating policies that stunt economic growth. It can't please hard-working Hispanics to see Democrat lawmakers in Washington unilaterally enact a staggering tax hike on the middle class, coupled with massive government spending in the midst of an inflation crisis with the economy teetering on the edge of a recession.

Could I be wrong about all this? Of course. But when your party is happily identifying itself as anti-life, anti-growth, anti-middle class, I guess I don't think that all the George Soros-purchased Spanish-language radio stations in the country are likely to stop your unfolding Hispanic exodus.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Not the Bee or any of its affiliates.

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