This isn’t love: A Christian response to gay surrogacy and marriage

There's a tragic video that has been making its rounds through social media. I saw it first from Life News:

The staggering degree of confusion that envelops our wayward culture is depressing. To be clear, no society can survive it.

That video, when understood for what it is, should shock the conscience, even if you didn't know that these men impregnated one of their sisters with fertilized eggs from another woman in order to have a child.

A society that loves to strut and boast about female empowerment has come to believe that womanhood is cosmetic - nothing more than a state of mind and some make-up. I watch Home Depot commercials that show nothing but women and girls doing construction work as though that makes them somehow more valuable to society: "Hey girls, be more like men, and then you will be worthwhile!"

Given that Christianity has been the single greatest liberating force for women throughout history, it is little surprise that our rebellion against its tenets and teaching is resulting in the madness of men standing at the top of women's sports podiums, and cosplaying in hospital beds.

This is what godless "enlightenment" yields - foolish theatrics masquerading as societal evolution, happily replacing females with males as though the two are interchangeable pieces that have no unique nature.

Still, this problem extends far beyond this current fad where we happily deprive innocent babies of a motherly influence in the name of progress. We have become a gratuitously self-serving, and by consequence unloving, society.

God is love (1 John 4:16). So the unintentional, though predictable, consequence of rejecting Him has been rejecting love. Even though it is the most fundamental ingredient to healthy people, families, communities, and cultures, we have abandoned it in pursuit of our own pleasures.

We don't love others, we love ourselves. That is the root of our civilizational disease. That is what is rotting our bones from the inside out.

Take this sudden obsession with surrogate, designer babies for gay men. We are told to look at this and see love:

But that child has been separated from his or her mother, deprived of a motherly influence, and thrust into the arms of two men. Is that a loving thing to do to that child? Of course not. The decision that these two men made was done for their own pleasure and happiness, not the well-being of another.

That is self-serving, the precise opposite of love, which is self-sacrificial.

That devastating reality sends shockwaves far beyond the surrogacy issue, and exposes just how thoroughly our population has been deceived. Remember when it wasn't random gay men posting surrogate baby pictures on social media, but instead was gay Republican media figures like Guy Benson or Dave Rubin, so-called conservatives and even professing Christians celebrated and congratulated them for creating another motherless child.

The same thing happens when addressing gay marriage itself. So ingrained has it become in our cultural psyche, so pervasive is the "love is love" mantra that even Christian scholars, researchers, and authors have given their minds over to the spirit of the age.

Christian professor Karen Swallow Prior has called gay marriage, "an act rooted in love." It is? According to whose understanding of love? Again, Prior presumably believes the scriptural declarative that "God is love." So homosexual "marriage" is consistent with the character of God, according to professor Prior?

Meanwhile, Christian researcher and author Preston Sprinkle extrapolates the tragic bastardization of the word love to the next ladder rung on our collective descent into moral chaos. He says that, "many of the elements that draw people to polyamory," among which he includes "care for others," are in his words, "good things." But again, only God is good (Mark 10:18). Does Sprinkle believe that promiscuity, adultery, and fornication are consistent with God‘s character?

Responding to both of these high profile Christians, Jared Moore wrote,

What Prior and Sprinkle fail to realize is that God not only designed desire but the correct object for that desire when He created all things. In the beginning, God did not design ‘man's pursuit of love,' He designed ‘man's pursuit for God-designed love.' No counterfeit love will do! To desire counterfeit love is sin because it's contrary to God's design. Gay marriage is not a desire for God's design; it's a desire for the devil's, and it is not built on love.

This is precisely correct. We have lost our baseline understanding of love because we have rejected its Author and Perfecter. We have attempted to fill the void with a worldly counterfeit that hasn't worked, isn't working, and will never work.

Western society's only hope is to end our arrogant rebellion against God's moral authority, repent, and choose truth over lies - an option I very much doubt we have the collective humility and courage to choose.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Not the Bee or any of its affiliates.

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