We need mass migration. How we're doing it now is evil.

Sometimes I wake up, eat my bowl of Wheaties, and decide to offend everyone on the internet.

Two things are true:

  1. America needs mass migration in order to stay afloat.
  2. How America is facilitating mass migration right now is evil.

One of these statements offends a large percentage of people. Boomercons get upset at the first because REPLACEMENT THEORY and head-in-the-sand libs get angry at the second because MUH DEMOCRACY and LOVE THY NEIGHBOR.

So let me address both.

We need mass migration.

Imagine you live in a cozy little village built around a brick factory that struck gold in its clay mine one day. Life would be good for a long while - businesses and residents would flock in and you'd be flush with cash.

But good times attract bad nature. That cozy little town would get pricey. Rich residents, bored with their fortunes, start taking the edge off with a little vice. The ambitious weasel their way into power and skim money off the top. The combo of corruption and inflation decreases everyone's margins, making the workers at the brick factory very expensive.

So maybe the mayor (let's call him Cill Blinton) works up a scheme to keep the good times rolling by outsourcing the brick making to other towns. That might hurt some villagers, but lower prices worth the tradeoff.

And for a while, the good times continue.

But then, those concerned with building vaults for their gold and swimming pools for their mansions begin to notice the brick roads are crumbling because the guy who ran the road crews died ... and so did everyone on the road crews. None of their sons were interested in those kind of jobs and never learned. To make matters worse, there's no one local who knows how to make bricks since the factory was shipped away.

To add insult to injury, the town you outsourced the brick factory to is now run by strongmen who don't like your village very much.

They've made a small fortune selling bricks everywhere - enough to purchase significant stakes in your gold mine, even.

If relations with them sour further, they might not even sell you bricks anymore!

The village council gets together and tries to come up with a plan. Maybe they can start a new brick factory, but that requires knowledge and workers. There aren't enough kids, let alone willing kids, wanting to take up that trade.

Then they have an idea: If there aren't local kids, incentivize outsiders to move to the village.

Over the last half century, America decided to stop having kids. It wasn't one person's fault: It was a mass slide into experiential consumerism.

It's a big world out there and it's hard to "follow your heart" and "live your truth" if you've got infants to feed. The old world, with its duties and expectations and sense of fulfillment and honor was thrown off by the promise of the open road and limelights.

But the pursuit of that untethered freedom had consequences. The game called civilization needs fresh, regular waves of new players.

So yes, our politicians are replacing us.

Because we didn't replace ourselves.

I already know the comments I'll get, with someone feeling as though I'm singling them out when I'm talking about all of Western civilization over the past century.

I'll also get people who think I'm excusing the behavior of career swamp creatures like Joe Biden. I'm not.

Because that brings me to my second point. 👇

The current system of mass migration coming into American and Europe is cruel and has been set up by wicked people.

There are a lot of Americans out there who believe this system of migration cares for the poor and shows love for our neighbors.

Unfortunately, in trying to show love to neighbors far away, these Americans have shown complete indifference for those living around them.

  • It is not loving to your neighbors to expose them to criminals and criminal operations.
  • It is not loving to the poor and needy to enslave them in the hands of cartels and politicians looking to use them for cheap labor.
  • It is not loving to the defenseless to make them sex slaves in American cities.
  • It is not loving to allow cartels to get rich by leading people through the desert to die.
  • It is not loving to use tax dollars to incentivize human trafficking AND to do it at the expense of your own children and neighbors next door.

None of this is righteous. Not a single bit of it. The Christian charities who think they are being the hands and feet of Jesus by handing out blankets and buying bus tickets are actually part of Satan's enslavement team. You thought the Transatlantic slave trade was bad?

What about slavery in the name of compassion?

Make no doubt: God sees it all. He sees the girls being raped nightly. He sees the migrants beating up NYC cops and being released without bail. He sees the migrant who rammed a tow truck into a dozen drivers this week in Virginia. He sees the Colorado judge who let an illegal convicted with three DUIs go yet again before killing a mom and her son. He sees the president who refuses to let the Border Patrol enforce the democratically approved laws of the land.

No one who participates in this will escape His wrath.

So, how do we fix it?


  1. Enforce our current laws about the border and migration.
  2. Stop incentives for illegal entry by heavily penalizing those who do while rewarding those who follow the legal process.
  3. Expand services and infrastructure for vetting migrants.
  4. Work with churches and nonprofits to help vetted migrants who want to be a part of this nation integrate into communities.
  5. Return sovereignty to states to give them a say in to resettlement programs so they don't get overwhelmed by new arrivals and their residents feel like they have a say in the matter.
  6. Pass strong laws with severe penalties for immigrants caught in illegal activity. Castration and execution for rape is a starting point. Banish any lesser offenders.
  7. Phase out dual citizenship for those seeking a life here - make people commit to America if they actually intend to integrate here and not just invade/take over down the road.

I think even Al Sharpton would agree with most of this these days!

Europe must do the same.

Is allowing Western civilization to go under - after it championed human rights, democracy, checks and balances in power, freedom, and innovation - really an example of "loving they neighbor"? If you're a Marxist, probably, but Marxists have a track record of starving and shooting tens of millions of their neighbors, so that seems a really dumb path to follow!

The only way to maintain that civilization in our current moment is through mass immigration. But that same mass migration threatens to destroy it as well.

We might want to come together to start thinking of solutions.

Oh, I forgot to mention the most important thing that needs to happen.

America as you know it only works because of the Christian foundation underpinning everything. As goes Christ, so too goes everything from your freedom of speech and your Fourth of July BBQ.

If we want to have a flourishing, united country built on the principles that built the freedom we have today, Western Christians might want to start obeying Jesus again, get off their butts, and disciple the nations ... starting with their own.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Not the Bee or any of its affiliates.

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