Canadian swim competition allows 50-year-old transgender professor to compete against 13-year-old girls
· Oct 27, 2023 ·

On Friday, October 20, a 50-year-old male named Nicholas J. Cepeda (who goes by "Melody Wiseheart") participated in a swimming competition at Markham Pan Am Centre - a city near Toronto.

"Melody Wiseheart" was different than the rest of his competitors.

That's because "Melody" was competing against 13 and 14-year-old girls.

Rightfully concerned parents initially tipped off Rebel News, so they pursued the story and paid the center a visit on October 22.

The Richmond Hill Aquatic Centre's Fall Classic swimming competition initially denied the 50-year-old man's participation, even though Rebel had presented a copy of the Friday schedule that listed Wiseheart as a competitor in Heat 2.

Rebel News

Rebel News

I guess it could be easy to miss, but it's right there in plain black and white. Even if Melody/Nicolas was actually a female, there is no reason a 50-year-old should have been allowed to compete!

Even more weird is that Melody/Nicolas was, for some reason, put into the youngest age category!

There were young ladies up to the age of 17 participating in this meet. They were all female, and yes, it still would have been entirely inappropriate to have a 50-year-old MAN complete with them.

So how did Melody/Nicolas con his way into a pool with 13- and 14-year-old girls?

As Rebel points out, the entire swim meet was structured around gender and age (as it should be). The 13-year-old girls did not compete against 17-year-old girls - let alone 13-year-old girls against 13-year-old boys!

But this was a GROWN MAN!

Even worse, it turns out Nicholas J. Cepeda/Melody Wiseheart is a professor at Toronto's York University and two of his research areas are children and youth.

I know... very disturbing!

The swimming governing bodies, Swim Ontario and Swim Canada, were "too busy" to speak with Rebel when they reached out for comment. As Rebel stated, that's too bad, since we would all like to know if Melody/Nicolas got to use the female changing rooms.

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