60% of Americans approve of Biden breathing, successfully not dying
· · Dec 17, 2020 · NottheBee.com

This was an actual headline The Hill published:

"New Poll: 60 percent approve of Joe Biden's job as president-elect"

Without even diving into the article, an overwhelmingly obvious question should be asked:

WHAT job?

Seriously, what job are we talking about here? "The Office of the President-Elect" is a made-up thing. Joe Biden has no current position, responsibilities, or authority. He hasn't been sworn into office. Right now, he's just Joe, American citizen and friend of Beijing.

Aside from coughing at his teleprompter and saying thanks to reporters asking him about the Everest-pile of evidence indicating his son's illicit business deals, all Joe Biden has done this year is make public appearances.

The spot where Biden ran his record-smashing campaign!

He had no part in any of Trump's four Middle East peace deals. He had nothing to do with stopping Al-Baghdadi or Soleimani. He hasn't done anything on COVID-19 relief or vaccination development. He's had zero to do with any policy anywhere at any time in the last 4 years (thank goodness) - outside, perhaps, Trump's dogged attacks on Section 230 that have been exacerbated by the media and Big Tech stonewalling the Hunter Biden story.

Saying 60% of Americans approve of his current job is the same as saying 60% of Americans approve of a light pole or a rock. It's there. It exists. It functions as a light pole or a rock.

Glowing headlines like these, however, are what you can expect from the uNbiAsEd media should Biden take the oath of office next month.

You, as a human adult with functioning senses and a working prefrontal cortex, will be told how amazing this coughing, limping career politician is, even as he stumbles his way – somehow, supposedly – toward the most powerful position on the planet.

"The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears." - 1984

At least, that will be the narrative until the puppetmasters decide the narrative needs to change.

As for the actual article itself from The Hill, it's more of the same, with breakdowns among specific demographics in what essentially is a referendum on Biden like any of the other totally-super-duper-accurate polls before the election.

The problem, once again, is that a referendum on Biden is just like a referendum on a brick wall or a tree. He's there. He exists. And unless you hate the guy, you're probably willing to shrug your shoulders and congratulate him for continuing to breathe.


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