A Boston hospital is partnering with Harvard professors to give “preferential care based on race.” Too bad if you have the wrong skin color!

Apr 10th

We all knew things like this were coming, didn't we?

Brigham and Women's Hospital is launching a pilot program led by two Harvard medical professors that will give free services to people of the right skin color.

In their woke, Marxist worldview, this will somehow lead to a more prosperous, equal society.

Meanwhile, those of us who live in the real world understand that this will actually reinforce racism (the program by definition infers that minorities are poor and helpless), breed contempt, and drive up the cost of healthcare (further) for the many low-income white families who won't be able to afford the new "reparations" costs they'll be expected to cover.

Doctors Bram Wispelwey and Michelle Morse of Harvard base their justification of this new problem on the fact that more black people per capita had severe symptoms with COVID-19.

This, of course, they attribute to sYsTeMiC rAciSm.

As Americans, we aren't allowed to have a conversation on other causes of this phenomenon.

  • We aren't allowed to discuss the genetic purpose of melanin and the generation of Vitamin D, which has been connected to COVID-19 severity.
  • My red-headed brother can synthesize Vitamin D faster than others – a genetic adaptation that would give him an advantage in cold, gloomy locales. If you drop him in the tropics, however, he'd fry in 10 minutes flat.
  • But the widespread Vitamin D deficiency among those with darker skin who now live in colder, less sunny climates – and the possible health connections – isn't something we're allowed to discuss. We're only allowed to to support the dismantling of the white, colonialist patriarchy.
  • We also can't talk about the fact that COVID-19 disproportionately affects those who are obese and have Type-2 diabetes, and that black and Hispanic individuals have the highest rates of these comorbidities.

"After analyzing ten years of hospital data, we concluded that the trend we observed was painfully robust: white [heart failure] patients at Brigham and Women's Hospital—a prominent, predominantly white Harvard teaching hospital—were indeed more likely to be admitted to the cardiology service," said the doctors.

They then admit a sentence later that this disparity was because "white patients were perceived to advocate for cardiology admission more often and more intensely," which has zero to do with institutional racism and everything to do with education and advocacy.

Still, the woke docs were on a mission, and they weren't going to be thwarted by science or common sense:

"As we began to advocate for change within our institution, however, we encountered significant resistance to calling this discrepancy an instance of institutional racism and to making race-explicit interventions—even at a time when the documentation of racial health inequities is accelerating."

Translation: There were still some good medical administrators out there who wanted to practice medicine and not intersectional race games.

The docs went full-blown commie with their solution for ending all sin and oppression in their fields:

"What we need instead, we have come to believe, is a proactively antiracist agenda for medicine. Our path to this realization, as with nearly all advancements in social medicine, took us outside our discipline—through the field of critical race theory (CRT), in particular."

If you know how racist and divisive CRT is, that should send shivers up your spine.

The docs' essay continues with a whole slew of Marx-adjacent experts and examples, but I encourage you to read it so you understand how poisonous this stuff is. It sounds great on the surface, but when you think through how we implement a worldview that divides the world into oppressed and oppressor through the lens of race, you begin to see how BAD the outcomes will be for us all.

Here's where the doctors' partnership with the hospital comes in. These two are hoping to launch a "replicable pilot program" to force the hospitals to look at all care through the lens of race.

This program will launch in the hospital's cardiology unit, where they will flag patients of color to be referred more often from general care to cardiology based pretty much entirely on their skin color. The doctors argue for reparations or "redress" for minority groups – which ultimately means taking an eye for an eye for historical inequalities.

They say such reparations could include "cash transfers and discounted or free care to taxes on nonprofit hospitals that exclude patients of color and race-explicit protocol changes (such as preferentially admitting patients historically denied access to certain forms of medical care)."

Sounds totally not racist and illegal, right??

"Sensitive to these injustices, we have taken redress in our particular initiative to mean providing precisely what was denied for at least a decade: a preferential admission option for Black and Latinx heart failure patients to our specialty cardiology service. The Healing ARC will include a flag in our electronic medical record and admissions system suggesting that providers admit Black and Latinx heart failure patients to cardiology, rather than rely on provider discretion or patient self-advocacy to determine whether they should go to cardiology or general medicine."

Basically, patients get bumped up to specialized care based on skin color, not on their doctor's recommendation or their own request.

Live shot of an administrator refusing cardio care to a white dude:

You have to wonder how many white patients are going to die now because they aren't referred correctly due to this skewed "algorithm" in the hospital's system, but I guess that's the point.

"Offering preferential care based on race or ethnicity may elicit legal challenges from our system of colorblind law... We encourage other institutions to proceed confidently on behalf of equity and racial justice, with backing provided by recent White House executive orders."

Gotta get that Marxist equity, y'all.

Do you guys remember how awesome medical care was in the USSR? How about Cuba? Venezuela? North Korea? Commie China? Those are places you'd definitely go to if you needed the best care in the world, right?

Get ready, America!

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