A bro in Wisconsin had an innovative idea for replacing his driver’s seat and I have questions.
· Mar 12, 2021 · NottheBee.com

You might be a redneck if this is your ride:

If I were the officer in this scenario, I would have had a few questions for the gentleman driving this truck. For one:

Second, what the heck happened to the chairs?? Of all the parts that wear out on a vehicle, chairs are way, way down on the list. Was this a purposeful decision?

Third, is the camping chair at least bolted to the floor somehow, or was that thing sliding around every time he hit the gas or brake?

Fourth, why is there so much dang snow on the floor?

You'd think this would be a unique occurrence, but the officer who pulled the man over said this isn't even the first time that's this has happened, although it's usually an issue in old farm trucks.

You keep doing you, Wisconsin.

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