Billboards are going up in California urging residents not to move to Texas and nobody knows if the people behind it are Californians or Texans ๐Ÿ˜‚
ยท Aug 26, 2022 ยท

Could go either way, really!

A mysterious and controversial billboard warning people against moving from California to Texas looms over passersby in LA and San Francisco this week.

"The Texas miracle died in Uvalde. Don't move to Texas," the billboard reads, alongside the sinister image of a hooded figure and a crossed-out "Don't mess with Texas" slogan. ...

The biggest question? Who is behind the ad, and what is their intent. The billboards show no party affiliation or sponsor. One theory states that the ad may have come from right-leaning Texans eager to keep liberal Californians away from their voting booths. Others thought that the message may have come from Californians in an attempt to slow an "exodus" to Texas.

Man, that's a tough one. On the one hand, you can easily see Texans wanting to bar the door against the liberal masses streaming in from Los Angeles and San Fran.

On the other hand, you can also picture these billboards arising from the anguish that California liberals feel as more and more of their precious tax base drains away.

Of course, the smart thing for Californians to do when they see people fleeing the state in droves isn't to try and stop them, it's to say:

I doubt these billboards will stem the tide either way. Nice try though, whoever you are!

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