A Canadian police department just apologized for putting up a DNA profile of a sadistic rapist because snowflakes online apparently think it's racist to catch sadistic rapists 🤡
· Oct 6, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Science has as of yet never discovered anything that a Canadian will not apologize for. If something is out there that will not elicit a Canadian apology, it has not yet been found.

The Edmonton Police Service has apologized for releasing a composite sketch of a Black man in an attempt to solve a 2019 sexual assault.

The image was generated by a technology company in Virginia from the assailant's DNA using a technique called phenotyping. ...

"It gives the EPS a justification for surveilling any person they get a tip about and collecting discarded DNA on any person they get a tip about. That's incredibly dangerous. That's a recipe for straightforward racial profiling, straightforward violation of charter of rights."

Canada is a country that terrorizes people for giving money to conservative causes. It's a place where you can go to jail for years if you say something offensive on the Internet. The idea that "rights" exist in this country is, to put it mildly, a bit bunk.

Anyway of course the police groveled and sniveled over this whole fake controversy:

On Thursday, the head of the EPS sexual assault division acknowleged the criticism and apologized for releasing the image.

"The stigmatization of racialized community and criminalizing them with a broad photo like that," Enyinnah Okere, chief operating officer of the community safety and well-being bureau of EPS, said.

"I think there's an understanding that for the brutality of the crime, this is something we do need to investigate, but the difference between the intention and the impact is kind of why we're here right now."

Uh huh. "...is kind of why we're here right now."

But the rapist isn't there right now, is he?

He's still walking free. Let that sink in: A sadistic rapist is walking free and the police are apologizing for maybe offending said sadistic rapist because people care more about said rapist than the woman he raped.

And I have a feeling he's probably not going to get apprehended, at least not with a police force as unserious as this.

As always: Canada gonna Canada.

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