US attorney who went after praying grandma drops murder charge against carjacker who crashed into his office
ยท Jun 10, 2024 ยท

You ready to get that blood boiling?

Last week, an elderly woman was killed in Washington D.C. after the car she was sitting in was stolen outside of a hospital by a carjacker who proceeded to crash the stolen vehicle.

Police in Washington, D.C., said a female suspect carjacked a vehicle with an elderly woman still in it outside a hospital before crashing just three miles away near the U.S. Attorney's office Monday.

The elderly female passenger, forced to remain along for the ride during the crime, was pronounced dead following the 'tragic incident,' D.C. Assistant Police Chief Darnel Robinson said at a press conference.

Yeah, crime in D.C. and major cities gets me angry too. But not as angry as our corrupt and evil leaders.

She literally crashed the car, with the now deceased passenger still in it, into the office of the US Attorney in DC, and the US Attorney is dropping charges against her.

Let's see what the very same US Attorney Matthew Graves had to say when he prosecuted a grandma for blocking an abortion clinic while praying (she is now going to jail for TWO YEARS).

'Our Constitution and laws protect many rights - to protest, to debate, to advocate for different laws. But no one is entitled to deprive other people of their civil rights. That's a crime,' said U.S. Attorney Matthew M. Graves for the District of Columbia. 'With locks, with chains, with violence, these defendants conspired to prevent fellow citizens from exercising their rights to receive and to provide reproductive health care. As these verdicts show, our city will not tolerate that, and our department will ensure justice is done.'

It's a "civil right" to kill your child; therefore, hard time in jail for invoking God outside an abortion clinic.

But boost a car, crash it into a federal prosecutor's office, and kill a grandma? That requires sensitivity and context.

The definition of anarchotyranny, ladies and gentlemen.

Behold, the evil dweebs who rule your nation.

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