This Colorado bus driver slapped a kid HARD for not wearing her mask correctly and it was caught on video
· May 21, 2021 ·

Our society is messed up:

[Warning: Graphic video of a coward hitting small children]

That Colorado bus driver was reportedly Bertram Jaquez, who was fired and later arrested:

"The incident happened back in early April on a route home in Fremont County. According to documents obtained by 11 News, several girls were arguing about masks in the back of the bus. In a written statement to the school, the 10-year-old girl says she wasn't feeling well so she moved her mask below her nose. She goes on to say the bus driver, Bertram Jaquez, came to the back of the bus to see what was happening. She writes he tried to move her mask up, and then she says he slapped her for not moving the mask up.

In a written statement to the school district, Jaquez admitted, 'Out of reaction, I slapped her once.'"

It's important to understand the cultural insanity that has led to moments like these. Children, who are overwhelmingly not at risk from COVID-19, are forced to wear masks while they sit spaced out on a bus.

If one healthy 10-year-old should dare to lower said mask, they are incessantly pressured by their peers to conform as if the simple act of breathing will kill everyone around them.

Here's the testimony from the girl who was hit. It's worth reading since we have completely ignored the needs and voices of our children in our cultural coronasanity:

"I got on the bus, sat down in the back and Mrs. Homan said something and I don't remember what she said. Then she left and the bus driver said 'Put on you[r] mask' and I told him, 'No, I get sick from mask[s].' So I put my mask down and the kids in the back said put on your mask and I said no it makes me sick and it kept ongoing back and forth. Then [redacted name] went to tell Burt [the driver].

Then Burt came back and said put on your mask then I said why do I have to and he said b/c we said and the kids said b/c the principal said the government.

I yelled at them and said you shut up your [sic] not involved in this so then Burt slapped me and he walked away so I said let me off the bus. And he kept on driving so I put my backpack on and kept saying that and he kept driving. Then we got there he put out his fist to give me [knuckles] so I walked by ran out of the bus and run to my dad and tell him."

If our nation has any chance of surviving our current cultural madness, we need to start thinking of and caring for our kids a whole lot more.

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