“Cicada art” is a thing and it's about twice as nightmarish as you're already imagining.
· May 21, 2021 · NottheBee.com

I like cicadas. I've even written about them. I also like humans and have written about them as well.

That does not mean I feel compelled to assemble horrorscapes out of their discarded skeletons.

Let's start with that top one.

First of all, "Anyone doing any fun taxidermy with the cicadas?" is not a question that would ever have occurred to me. I'd put it right up there with, "Anyone doing any fun crochet with the discarded entrails from the butcher shop?"

In any case, this is probably normal and there's no way this kid is going to grow up to become a serial killer. It's 50-50, tops.

It reminds me of the song "Excitable Boy" where a kid does increasingly violent things...




That aside, let's take a look at some of the more imaginative entries.

This must be what lobsters see when they think of Satan:

Cicadazilla makes sense. A half-decent Godzilla movie only comes out once every 17 years, too:

Samurai cicada is particularly impressive:

It appears a Japanese kid made it, so culture was in no way appropriated.

We also have Alien cicada because the original wasn't horrifying enough:

Only slightly less terrifying is the art that does not consist of discarded body parts:

And who doesn't need to have the concept of a three-foot-long cicada introduced to their consciousness?

It's not all exoskeletons and nightmares, though. Cicadas have apparently been celebrated in Chinese art even longer than Hunter Biden has been celebrated in Chinese influence peddling:

This I actually want:

And all of these:

Not me. Them. Those other guys there are all obsessed.

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