A brawl broke out at the Miami airport over available seats and it turns out yelling "stop it, you’ll get in trouble" didn’t work.

Apr 26th

A fight broke out at the Miami International Airport over seat availability on a Chicago-bound plane. According to Local 10 news, 7 people were involved in the scuffle.

Listen closely during the scuffle and you can hear one person yell, "Stop it, you'll get in trouble!" Oddly, that exclamation of rational thinking didn't stop the fight.

[Language warning]

In the wake of the fight, Jameel Tremain Decquir, age 20, has been arrested for disorderly conduct. The other three suspects remain at large.

According to the arrest report, he and three other people were waiting to board a flight to Chicago but were told by the gate agent that there were only three seats available. The agent gave them the option to either wait for another plane or leave one person behind. It appears they chose option number 3, all out brawl.

For unknown reasons, police said the group began to fight with three other people who were also at the counter. According to the report, Decquir punched one of the victims in the face as the victim was turning away from the counter. The fight then broke off into two separate fights with the four suspects and three victims. Authorities said one of the male victims covered the female victim on the ground with his body to protect her as the suspects repeatedly punched and kicked them.

I've been on standby before, and you know what happens if you don't make the cut? You get on the next available plane.


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