A new U.S. government study claims that up to a quarter of urban air pollution is from cooking food.
· May 12, 2024 · NottheBee.com

From limiting fertilizer for crops to eating bugs to banning gas stoves, it's hard not to believe that the climate elites are looking for a way to put starvation on the menu for normal people.

Now, a new study from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is adding a new bit of data to the starvation push.

Cooking is causing air pollution.

"What we're looking at from cooking are primarily oxygenated VOCs, or volatile organic compounds," said Matt Coggon, a research chemist at CSL and lead author of the study. "These are quite reactive in the air, so we expect they'll be important for air quality."

VOCs in the air react with nitrogen oxides and light to form tropospheric ozone. Some VOCs are considered greenhouse gases.

So, cooking our food is cooking our planet.

The study was performed in Las Vegas and found that, on average, 21% of the total mass of human-caused VOCs present in Las Vegas' outdoor air were from cooking activities.

However, sounding the climate alarm about cooking based on this study is ridiculous when you think about it. Las Vegas is hardly representative of normal urban environments. The city is the most food obsessed city on the planet with 666 restaurants per 100,000 residents.

(And yes, that number seems oddly appropriate for Sin City).

To put that number in perspective, Las Vegas has roughly the same number of restaurants as the entire state of Kansas.

Nevertheless, Cogon says,

Cooking emissions could be the single largest missing source of urban VOCs in current air quality models, which could have important ramifications for air quality management.

Even if he were right, I‘m pretty okay going out eating a nice steak pan-seared to a perfect medium-rare.

But it's not just cooking Cogon is after.

In addition to cooking and vehicle exhaust, Cogon‘s previous research targets personal care products that contribute VOCs to climate change. High on that list are deodorant, sun block, bug spray, shampoo and hair conditioners.

Can you imagine living in a world with no gas-fueled cars, no cooking, no deodorant, no sun block, no bug spray, and no hair care?

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